Here are some of our current and past clients and the work that we’ve done:

$12M Law Firm (Individual Marketing Plans for Attorneys)

$5M Parking System value added reseller (Marketing, Customer Service, Program Mgmt, Employee Motivation, Sales Forecasting)

$4.5M Property Management Company (>$25M in Assets) (Values, Mission, Vision, Marketing, Hiring Processes, Employee Motivation, Customer Service, — “Get the right people on the Bus and in the right seats”)

$4M Health Club (Comp Plans, Hiring Process, Employee Motivation, Marketing, Sales, Stages of Growth)

$4M LED Light Manufacturer/Distributor (Comp Plans, Hiring Process, Stages of Growth)

$3.1M Ecommerce & Catalog company (Strategy, Marketing, Social Networking, Product Acquisition, Succession Planning)

$3M Software Company (Sales Channels, Marketing)

$2.5M IT outsourcing company (Sales, Marketing, Hiring Processes, Employee Motivation, Customer Service, M&A)

$2M Design/Build Contracting company (Strategic Planning, Values, MIssion, Vision, Restructuring, Marketing)

$1.2M fast growing Insulation Installer (Marketing, Advertising, Hiring, Company Structure, Stages of Growth)

$1M fast growing Small Water Systems operator (Business Plan, Delegation, Employee Motivation, M&A)

$750K Landscaping Company (Corporate Structure, Processes, Leadership, Delegation, Employee Motivation and Comp Plans)

$400K Retro Candy, Ice Cream Retail Store, and Fudge Wholesaler (Sales, Strategy, Packaging)

$500K Land Surveying Firm (Strategy, Employee Motivation, Delegation, Collections)

$300K Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Software (Incorporation, Strategy, Marketing, Acquisition, Hiring, Consulting, Decision Making)

$100K Tanning Salon Turn Around (Strategy, Business Plan, Compensation, Marketing, Finance Restructuring)

$50K Personal Marketing Startup (Market Research, Product Definition, Business Development)

Other smaller assignments in Strategy, Marketing and Management: Attorney, Entrepreneur, Painting Contractor, Handyman, Photographer, Small IT Company, Graphic Designer, Landscape Designer, Electrical Contractor, Hair Salon, Laundromat, and Multiple Landscaping Contractors, and a Mortgage Company.