Optimize Your Team

Right People in the Right Jobs doing the Right Things

Having the right employees can either make or break a small business.

Industry research reports show that a bad hire can cost a company up to 3X the employee’s salary. For a small business, this is at least $8000 before the problem is corrected, and I know of one case where the bad hire put a ~$2M business out of business in less than 12 months.

Assessing the prospective employee before hiring can save more than just money. If an owner/manager has a spotty record of hiring, employees lose respect for the leader. This can impact the work, the clients, and start a negative attitude that is hard to reverse–ultimately leading to retention issues. Remember: ‘A’ players attract other ‘A’ players, and ‘B’ players attract ‘C’ players. ‘A’ players can spot other ‘A’ players, and want to work with them. Does your company have ‘A’ players?

Hire Differently

Our “Perfect Hire Blueprint” process dramatically increases the chance of a good hire. 90+% of people hired with this process are still productive in their jobs 1 year after being hired. That is a dramatic increase over the norm. It all starts with a benchmark.

You will notice that we never talk about recruiting. We are not recruiters — we help with the selection of great employees. Visit PerfectHireBlueprint.com for much more information.

Two quotes to remember:

Most companies hire based on experience and skill, but they fire based on attitude or behavior.
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Employees come to companies and leave managers.