Stages of Growth

What if you could create an awareness in your company of the top five issues to focus on?

growth curve captureWhat if you could create a language of growth that engages every single employee in your company?

What if you could help your management team understand why certain things are happening right now?

What if you could give your company headlights into the future and help improve performance, productivity and profitability?

We help CEOs understand the fundamental growth issues based on their stage of growth so they can attack issues BEFORE they appear, allowing a company to forecast what they will need to do next.

We use an X-Ray process that :

  • Takes out the guesswork for a CEO – provides a laser-like focus on what they need to do today
  • Identifies issues that didn’t get addressed in a previous stage of growth and puts focus on these issues
  • Expands the knowledge of key executive leaders in terms of how company’s grow and what role they can play in that growth
  • Will improve executive decision making by uncovering faulty assumptions about company behavior
  • Focuses resources/energy on the right things at the right time
  • Accurately predict 6 – 18 months into a company’s future
  • Helps a CEO to adapt their abilities and skills to the unique needs of their company in its current stage of growth

The process is based on research from James Fischer of 650 CEOs over 6 years. It is a proven method that guides entrepreneurs through the 7 stages of growth of their company at any size – from 1 to 500 employees. Each stage has typical challenges and specific guidance for success. Why try to lead by your instinct when there is a roadmap?

Each stage has its own growth curve. If you follow the guidance you’ll follow the “Ideal” curve there more time is spent performing than in the crucible. Most companies who find their way by instict end up following the “Unhealthy” or “Troubled” curves that increases stress and the chance of failure. Again, why take the chance?

mPower Advisors can help you grow your company with less risk, less stress, and a high probability of success. Why risk your and your employees’ financial future? Go to our Contact Page to request more information.

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